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ORAMED, Optimization of RAdiation protection for MEDical staff is a collaborative project funded in 2008 within the 7th EU Framework Programme, Euratom Programme for Nuclear Research and training
ORAMED aims at the development of methodologies for better assessing and reducing exposures to medical staff for procedures resulting in potentially large doses or complex radiation fields, such as interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and new developments. We want to concert our efforts to improve and consolidate not only research in this area but also to foster technological transfer and to ensure a good dissemination of our findings

A consortium of 12 partners from 9 European countries, including research institutes, metrology laboratories, regulator bodies, hospitals and manufacturers, is in charge of the development of the Project, with the collaboration of several hospitals and professional organizations
This website is one of the main tools to share the new knowledge of the project with end-users and stakeholders and to provide a communication channel to receive comments and proposals from them

Project start date: February 1, 2008 - Duration: 36 Months