What for ?

The main objective of ORAMED is to develop new methodologies to improve the balance between the benefits and risks of use of radiation for medical staff. This general objective will be achieved through the development of 4 main topics:
  • The first objective is to obtain extensive extremity dose data for staff in Interventional Radiology (IR), with special attention to eye lens doses
  • The second objective of the project is to develop a formalism to measure eye lens doses and to design a prototype eye-lens dosemeter
  • The third objective is to study the behaviour of commercial active personal dosemeters under real conditions and to design a prototype that could provide a real time accurate dose assessment in IR
  • The forth objective is devoted to extremity dosimetry in Nuclear Medicine (NM). The doses to the different parts of the hands will be systematically mapped, with special attention to unsealed therapy sources, aiming to estimate the real dose load of NM workers and to describe appropriate protection measures
The different objectives of this project will be achieved through well coordinated measurement campaigns in European hospitals. Simulations will be performed to determine the main parameters that influence the extremity and eye lens doses and the effectiveness of different radiation protection measures. The final objective is to develop a program to disseminate all conclusions and recommendations to the interested parties