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WP1: Extremity dosimetry and eye lens dosimetry in interventional radiology and cardiology

Greek Atomic Energy Commission


Specific objectives:

  • To study the parameters that influence the extremity doses for the medical staff in Interventional Radiology (IR) and Interventional Cardioloy (IC)
  • To perform a systematic study of measurements and simulations in selected IR and IC procedures in order to study extremity and eye lens doses of medical staff 
  • To propose a methodology for reducing the doses of medical staff


  • To coordinate a measurement program for extremity dosemeters in 18 hospitals in Europe for IR and IC
  • To define a measurement protocol for the procedures to be studied
  • To analyse the measured extremity doses and correlate with other parameters (like whole body doses or DAP values)
  • To perform numerical calculations using standard Monte Carlo codes like MCNP or PENELOPE on:
    • The dose distribution for various parameters such as tube voltage, filtration, beam orientations and position of the staff 
    • The dose at the level of the eyes, neck, thorax, hands, fingers, feet and legs in order to define:
    • The optimum dosemeter placement for the individual monitoring of extremities and eye lens
    • An algorithm relating the possible relevant parameters like: leg doses and DAP values, finger/hand doses and patient dose, eye dose and whole body dose or DAP values
    • To validate the numerical methodology experimentally by carrying out a set of selected configurations using an anthropomorphic phantom
    • To collect and analyze the data with a comparison of the measurement and simulation results