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WP3: Optimisation of the use of active personal dosemeters in interventional radiology

Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety


Specific objectives:

  • To optimise the use of active personal dosemeters (APDs) in interventional radiology


  • To make a selection of APDs according to the previous results of the CONRAD (ref. 1,2) and IAEA-EURADOS groups (ref. 3)
  • To study the real radiation field characteristics encountered in interventional radiology in terms of energy, angular distribution, dose rate and pulse characteristics
  • To define, by measurements under laboratory conditions, the angular and dose rate response of APDs. Tests will be performed using the reference photon facilities of laboratories which participate in this work package
  • To study the effect of the frequency and duration of pulses on the APD response by testing dosemeters in real conditions on site in different hospitals and under laboratory conditions
  • To prepare guidelines related to the use of APDs in interventional radiology, to define corrections that will eventually be applied
  • To propose technical solutions to improve the response of APDs in collaboration with the manufacturer MGPI
  • To test the different technical solutions (with continuous feedback) developed by MGPI under laboratory conditions and on site in hospitals


  • (1): I. Clairand; L. Struelens; J-M. Bordy; J. Daures; J. Debroas; M. Denozieres; L. Donadille; J. Gouriou; C. Itie; P. Vaz; F. d'Errico. Intercomparison of active personal dosemeters in interventional radiology. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2008; doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncn083, 2008
  • (2): J-M. Bordy; J. Daures; I. Clairand; M. Denozière; L. Donadille; F. d’Errico; J. Gouriou; C. Itié and L. Struelens. Evaluation of active personal dosemeters for interventional radiology. Radiation Protection Dosimetry. In press
  • (3): International Atomic Energy Agency. Intercomparison of personal dose equivalent measurements by active personal dosimeters. Final Report of a joint IAEA EURADOS Project. IAEA Report IAEA-TECDOC-1564 (Vienna: IAEA) (2007)