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WP4: Extremity dosimetry in nuclear medicine

University Hospital Center Vaudois (CHUV)


Specific objectives:

  • To evaluate extremity doses (and dose distributions across the hands) of medical staff working in nuclear medicine departments
  • To study the influence of protective devices such as syringe and vial shields and to improve such devices when possible
  • To propose “levels of reference doses” for each standard nuclear medicine procedure and to use these for risk assessment and optimisation of working methods
  • To propose a methodology to reduce dose to nuclear medicine workers


  • To define standard procedures in nuclear medicine for dispensing and administration of positron, beta and gamma emitters (especially for short lived nuclides currently introduced in therapy and diagnosis)
  • To perform measurements for standard procedures in nuclear medicine in various hospitals in Europe, with a unified measurement protocol. At least 12 hospitals will be involved in the measurement program with a follow up
  • To calculate expected hand dose distribution using standard Monte Carlo programs such as MCNP and PENELOPE and deterministic programs
  • To analyse and discuss the results, especially with respect to the effect of the radiation protection measures
  • To develop guidelines for the reduction of the staff extremity doses
  • To develop a simple tool for estimating extremity doses for the main nuclear medicine procedures